Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Time for a Cup o' Tea!!!

Yes, it's not only tax day... it's National New American Tea Party Day!!!


Follow all of the details at both the New American Tea Party website and the Tax Day Tea Party website.

Michelle Malkin has a rundown on what led up to this day.

Gateway Pundit posted a video of Rick Santelli responding to this growing phenomenon that was pretty much sparked by his Feb 19 impromptu rant on CNBC.

Captain Ed chimes in. So does Glenn Reynolds.

Gateway Pundit has a post, as does Flopping Aces.

And Newsbusters has a post about an ABC News report which reveals that The Obamessiah was unaware of all of today's protests. How clueless can this empty suit charlatan be???

Howard Kurtz, meanwhile, has a lengthy piece on the mainstream media's own obliviousness.

Pajamas Media will also be covering the events on their main site as well as on their PJTV site.

I'm going to enjoy following the day's events.

I'm also going to make myself a nice, hot cup of tea.

Seems appropriate.

UPDATE: Now this sounds disturbing. The Department of Homeland Security isn't sure which is more dangerous and worthy of monitoring - Islamic Terrorists or domestic "right wing radicals". Uh-huh... right... whatever you say, DHS.

Bill Bennett comments on today's issues here.

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