Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday Night Compendium

First off, we have Senator Chris Dodd, who seems to be in hot water now that facts (stubborn things) have begun to crop up about his AIG connections (wife included).

Then we have the disclosure that Gov. Sebelius (Obama's HHS nominee) is also a tax cheat (seems to be a nasty pattern with his nominees now, isn't it).

Then we have Obama's first federal judicial nominee who says "no" to prayers to Jesus, but "sure, why not" for prayers to Allah.  The Republicans appear to finally be showing some sort of backbone, and plan to filibuster the nominee.

But this is to be expected from "The One".  You see, after dissing UK Prime Minister Brown by giving him such a low-rent and thoughtless gift as a boxed set of DVDs (in the wrong format, to boot), he then has the class to gift an iPod to the Queen of England... with his own speeches on it.  AND... he and Mrs. Obama show disrespect by not doing a bow or curtsey before her.  but, WHO does Obama actually decide to bow to???  How about the King of Saudi Arabia!

But, don't worry.  He's not the only one in the administration who acts completely clueless and classless in other countries.  Hillary made a first-class a** of herself just the other day in Mexico.

In case you want to keep track, The Blue Boar has a link to a website that's keeping a track of all "The One's" missteps.  Not a shabby list for such a short time in office.

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TheBitterAmerican said...

It was bad enough having GWB hold hands with the Saudis,...this village idiot-cum-community organizer BOWS to them? Let me guess: the White House protocol officer didn't pay HIS taxes either?