Friday, November 02, 2012

Benghazi - The Investigation Continues...

News dates and the headlines:

9/13 - The Marines were not permitted to have live ammunition.

9/13 - After the June attack on the consulate, no extra security measures were taken.

9/13 - Total security at time of attack on Sept 11, 2012 = just locked doors and four Libyan guards.

9/13 - Administration was warned of impending attack 48 hours before it occurred.

9/19 - Killer of the Ambassador was leader of US-backed rebel force.

9/19 - Killer was also an ex-Gitmo detainee who was released by Obama Administration.

9/20 - Obama refused meetings with Israeli officials while instead meeting with  Egypt's leader (who's also now head of the Muslim Brotherhood)

9/20 - New Obama campaign "flag" very similar to fingered blood stains at recently attacked Libyan consulate:

10/12 - Biden claims that no one knew that more security was needed at the consulate.

10/12 - Gingrich says that Biden's comment will come back to haunt the Administration.

10/23 - Within two hours of the attack, White House & State Dept  received word that a jihadi group claimed responsibility.

10/26 - CIA gave order to stand down?

10/26 - General Petraeus states that no one in the CIA gave the order to stand down.

10/26 - Painting a target with a laser, and what it means.

10/29 - Flopping Aces has more on this crucial point about "painting targets".

10/26 - Father of fallen SEAL Tyrone Woods tells what Sec of State Hillary Clinton told him at his son's funeral.

NOTE to the clueless… that lame YouTube video had absolutely NOTHING to do with the attack, even though for two whole weeks that's what the Administration continued to lead everyone to believe.  There was NO "spontaneous" protest re: the video.  This was a well planned and orchestrated terrorist attack.

10/27 - VP Biden's crude and classless comment to Mr. Woods at his sons funeral.

10/29 - Mr. Woods "forgives" Obama and the administration, but wants answers…truth.

10/30 - Why the AC130's were not deployed.

10/30 - Audio tapes at the time of the attack!!!

10/31 - Do two networks have proof that orders came from someone in the Administration to "stand down"?

11/1 - Did the communications cable go straight to Sec. Clinton's office?

11/1 - Obama did NOT convene the Counter Terrorism Response Task Force during the attack.

11/1 - Documents found in consulate after the attack shows extreme concern about impending attacks.  State Dept never asked for military back-up.

11/2 - Three hours before attack, consulate warned of arms being gathered by the attackers.

11/2 - And the Obama Administration did NOTHING!

11/2 - And the finger pointing begins… State/CIA/WhiteHouse.

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration hired an Al Qaeda radical to run security at the Tripoli embassy.

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