Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Fiscal Cliff Clavin...

The "fiscal cliff" is a bunch of BS, in the sense that there is going to be a fiscal cliff whether it occurs with or without a "deal". The question is two-fold: (1) will it be a shear cliff crash, or a slower downhill roll crash (either way, it's gonna crash), and (2) where the blame will lay. 

If the Republicans don't make a deal now, and push the "fiscal cliff" over the edge, the Republicans will get the blame. ALL of the Republicans. The narrative has already been set by the Administration and the MSM for quite some time. 

I say they "make a deal" now [with this important caveat!!!] . The Democrats have the White House. The Democrats have the Senate. All they really need are a small handful of squishy-Republicans in the Senate (to prevent a filibuster, aka, Graham, McCain, Snowe, etc.), and approx. 25 squishy-Republicans in the House. 

Let the squishes make the deal, and let the true fiscal conservatives (200+ in House and 40+ in Senate) stand together and say en masse, "we are NOT a part of this, when the economy crashes due to either stagflation, hyperinflation, recession, or depression, the blame will/must be on those who voted for this monstrosity." 

When the proverbial sh*t hits the fan, fiscally/economically, all the Republican-squishes and all the Democrats that voted for "the deal" are prime targets for primary challenges in 2014.  So, let's recruit now for the next wave of Ted Cruz-like candidates for the mid-term elections IN EVERY ONE OF THOSE DISTRINCTS.

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