Friday, November 02, 2012

The State No One Is Really Paying Attention To...

As a former 31-year resident of PA, three things will be key issues in Romney/Ryan’s favor (in addition to the economy/jobs) for the state of Pennsylvania:
1) Coal & fracking (PA is huge in the rustbelt thru to WVa & OH)
2) Heavy Catholic population, and how the ObamaCare mandate affects Catholic hospitals.
It also helps that Ryan (a Catholic) is on the ticket.
Also, they still remember the “they cling to their guns and religion” comment from four years ago, which links #2 above with #3 below…
3) Guns. PA has the highest NRA membership of any state in the USofA, and is not too keen on more and more gun ownership restrictions.
Add to those the fact that (R)’s hold majorities in both chambers of the state house legislature, and the Governor’s office, plus have (R) Toomey in one Senate seat, and (D) Casey Jr is currently tied in the polls with (R) Smith for the other seat.
Then toss in with all of this the economy and jobs fiasco of the last four years, and well… you know.
I expect Romney to do decent enough #s in the Philly suburbs (Bucks/Montgomery/Delaware/Chester counties) as well as the Pittsburgh suburbs in order to swing PA to the Romney/Ryan column.  That occurs?  It's all over.

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