Saturday, April 05, 2008

Conservative vs. Liberal, among other things...

Sean over at The Blue Boar had a thought-provoking post which generated an intriguing discussion in the comments section. Kyro over at Chesterton and Friends made his own post, and Sean did a follow-up. I dove into the deep end of the comment pool so rather than duplicating that info here I'd suggest you read the posts (linked above) and all of the comments.

The subsequent issues of Just War and torture have been delved into much deeper by Against The Grain and Mark Shea (dueling sides) last year. I'll leave you to browse/weed through their archives (Grain's and Mark's) for their in-depth analysis (which got pretty animated at times). The posts are spotty and go back over time, so you may have to scroll down often to get to the pertinent posts. Other bloggers have been involved in the discussion, and they are linked within the individual posts.

UPDATE: Kyro adds a new post on the subject. Well worth the read.

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