Thursday, February 07, 2008

My fledgling blog gets noticed...

I would like to thank Catholic Lady of the Holy Boldness blog for her wonderful comment in my last post. I had absolutely NO idea that my blog was mentioned in the National Catholic Register last week! (Woah, dude!!!)

Apparently, Eric Scheske (of the great Daily Eudemon blog) wrote an article about the blogosphere (registration required) and he must have mentioned my fledgling little blog. I'm not registered to the NCR website, so I can't read the article. But I want to thank him for such a generous gesture. I'm truly humbled.

Thanx again to both Eric and to the Catholic Lady.

You can thank both of them yourselves by paying their blogs a visit.

1 comment:

CatholicLady said...

Well, Trubador, you know I subscribe, so I can always e-mail it you if you would like me to.