Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It's Ash Wednesday Today...


CatholicLady said...

Hello Trubador!

I read about your blog in the National Catholic Register last week and decided to come see you.

I've poked around and I enjoy your content very much--a great mix of personal as well as Church-related, political, etc.

My God bless you in your blogging, and as one Catholic single to another--keep fighting the good fight and remain patient! You are in my prayers.

I'll let your hometown know you say hello--I work in Philadelphia!

Trubador said...

Thanx for lovely comment, CL. I'll make sure to bookmark your own blog and check it out.

Frankly, I had no idea my blog was even mentioned in the National Catholic Register (Yikes! Wow!). I checked it out and saw that Eric Scheske (of the great Daily Eudemon blog) wrote an article about the blogosphere.

I'm not registered to NCR so I can't read the article, but he must have mentioned me there. I'll need to thank him for such a generous gesture (this blog of mine is just a fledgling little thing).

So, thanx again, CL!