Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Is Cool Still Cool?...

From FanNation:

"Cool, the onetime giant of sports culture that had long been in declining health, died in seclusion last month. In a measure of how forgotten Cool had become, the moment of its passing went largely unnoticed even though the event was witnessed by millions on television, shortly after the Boston Celtics won the NBA championship by defeating the Los Angeles Lakers. In the ensuing celebration Celtics star Kevin Garnett was asked how he felt about winning the first title of his 13-year career. He threw his head back and bellowed, "Anything is possible!" as though he had just accomplished something previously thought to be beyond human capability, like walking on the sun or deciphering the plot of Lost. With Garnett's scream, Cool took its dying breath.

"Authorities say that Garnett will not be held responsible for the demise of Cool, ruling that he was no more culpable than thousands of other modern-day athletes who have an overwhelming need for self-congratulation and a tendency to overdramatize. Those athletes avoided Cool like a subpoena during its final years, instead embracing midair chest bumps, primal yells and the kind of elaborate, multistep hand jive that grade-school girls do on playgrounds..."

It concludes:

"Cool's condition was terminal... There will be no funeral service, which is how Cool would have wanted it. In lieu of flowers, mourners are asked simply to appreciate players who don't feel the need to punctuate every accomplishment with an over-the-top celebration, who understand the beauty in letting a performance speak for itself. That would be totally Cool."

To wit, I say... nah... "Cool" is still cool.

It’s roots go back to the 1920s Jazz-era. Cool’s got staying power because it’s cool to say it. Unlike “bad”, “rad”, “dope”, “gnarly”, “bitchin’”, “hip”, “ill”, "hot", “crunk”, “killer”, “fat”, “far out”, “dah bomb chizzle”, and the god-awful “groovy” which all are nothin’ but era-locked fads.

In the end... it’s all COOL.


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