Monday, July 14, 2008

R.I.P. Russert & Snow...

Over the past few weeks two top-notch national media men have passed. First was Tim Russert, suddenly, from a heart attack. The other day it was Tony Snow, who succumbed to his three-year battle with colon cancer.

Their personalities - to a certain extent - were a bit different, and their core politics were on opposite sides of the political spectrum (Russert had worked for D-Sen. Moynahan and D-Gov Cuomo; Snow worked for both Bush administrations and for years was the main sub for Rush's radio program). But there were a lot more similarities than differences - and it was all good.

Both men took their work seriously, working diligently. But they never took themselves seriously. They laughed. They enjoyed life. They never held a grudge or delved into petty vindictiveness. They both commanded respect from their colleagues, as well as from politicians across the entire spectrum. They were both strong, committed family men, devoted to their wives and children. They were both devote Catholics, deep in their faith. And both died in their 50s - way too soon... but God knows best.

The media and political industries will miss the likes of such men. If only they could learn from their examples, things would run a lot smoother without all the unnecessary ugliness that tends to infect those institutions. Snow & Russert (unfortunately) were a rare breed; your can't find too many like them in the news & political realms. My prayers go out to their respective families.

A few bloggers have posted links to Tony Snow's commencement address at Catholic University in May of 2007. For those who are unaware of it, here is the link to that address. It is well worth the read. Some sage advice. Some points even I need to still work on.

Rest in peace Tony & Tim!

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