Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Just keep digging deeper BO, just keep digging...

RedState posted a video of The Obamessiah regarding multilingualism and felt obliged to respond.

I would also add:

First off, the reason for when and why the rest of the world can speak English is because that's the international language for BUSINESS. When a French company is in discussions with a German or Japanese company, they tend to speak in English because (a) the success of the American political and business industry has led the way in the world, and (b) it's a common language that every nationality can understand without everyone having to learn six-to-ten different languages.

Second, how successful has bilingualism worked in Canada with the province of Quebec? Hmmmmm.... not so well, huh? Some animosity there between QBs and the rest of Canuckville? Repeated threats of secession? Surprise, surprise, surprise.

Thirdly, perhaps The Obamessiah should've read THIS article before opening his mouth and proving once again how vacuous he is.

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