Friday, August 15, 2008

1978 Address by Alexander Solzhenitsyn...

This has been posted by quite a few blogs since the very recent passing of Alexander Solzhenitsyn. This link is the text of an address given at Harvard by exiled Russian poet and novelist Solzhenitsyn in June of 1978. It’s a long but insightful read. Things to keep in mind while reading the text are (a) his references to the “West” encompasses all of western society, including western Europe, and (b) the state of the U.S. internal economy and its external affairs – both weakened at that time, and soon to get worse (double-digit inflation & unemployment, long gas lines, the recent retreat from Vietnam, and the soon to occur Iranian hostage crisis) – and well as it’s cultural decline.

It is no accident that the current events in Georgia by Russia are occurring shortly after Solzhenitsyn’s passing, and during a distracting Olympic event (being held in communist China, displaying it's military-like precision and unity during the opening ceremonies), and after a long hard-fought battle by the west against terrorists abroad in which significant segments of the west have weakened it’s resolve to combat said evil terrorist regimes and their supporters.

Now I know why Solzhenitsyn’s name is often placed along side Reagan, Thatcher and Pope John Paul II as the key influential figures in the eventual (but apparently not permanent) downfall of the former Soviet Union — Solzhenitsyn internally, Reagan & Thatcher externally, and JPII spiritually.

Be prepared to have your eyes opened!

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