Monday, August 11, 2008

Edwardian Fall From Grace...

I'm not going to comment on the whole John Edwards political meltdown. It'd just be too easy. I'm not gonna kick him when he's down. My concern is for his children and, most especially, his wife who has been battling cancer over recent years. They deserve much better than this from their dad/husband.

In general, I always saw Edwards as nothing but a a two-bit, lightweight politician/ambulance-chasing lawyer/hack. I'll never forget eight years ago during the VP debate between Edwards and Cheney, sitting down at a table with the moderator, going through all of the key issues. Cheney came across as the wise elder with total command of the issues, while Edwards came off as an inexperienced little kid.

The moment - the key moment -- of that entire debate came when John Edwards actually wiped his nose with the sleeve of his suit jacket, right there live on TV for all of America to see. I still remember that moment as I said out loud at the time, "Wow. I don't believe he just did that." It was at that point that I said to myself that that was the turning point of the election.

I wasn't a supporter of Bush in the 2000 primary, and his choice of VP was very important to me before I decided to cast my vote for him in the 2000 main election. When he chose Cheney it sealed the deal for me, and I "pulled the lever" for Bush/Cheney instead of voting third party or doing a write-in.

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