Friday, August 29, 2008

Masterfully Played, Mr. McCain... Masterfully Played!

First, McCain launches the following video after Biden gave his acceptance speech:

Then pix got leaked about The Obamessiah's Greek/Roman "Barthenon" backdrop at Mile High Stadium:

Notice that the only times The Obamessiah needs flags (and so many) are when he had to hold that press conference in Philly to distance himself from 20-year spiritual mentor Rev. Jeremiah "G-D America" Wright, and last night in front of the entire universe.

It was supposed to be a mock-up of the White House. Either way, it looked bad because if it's the Barthenon then it perpetuates the whole god-like image, and if it's the White House then it's the height of presumption (just like when he tried to float the faux "Presidential Seal"):

Then McCain pulls one head fake and airs the following ad in the Battleground states (and with the internet, EVERYONE gets to see it):

Which through the Obamessiah campaign off it's game (what, McCain being nice and genuine and congratulatory?).

Then, after the over-inflated empty rhetoric from The Obamessiah last night, all the news outlets were supposed to be gloating and glowing about The One and his "Oratory From On High." Instead? To quote Ross Perot, that "giant sucking sound" is the entire political universe talking about McCain and his mavericky pick as his running mate -- Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin:

* Young (44)
* Female (the first Republican female VP candidate)
* Family Woman (Married with five kids: her oldest about to serve in Iraq, and her youngest has Down Syndrome)
* Career Woman with Executive Experience (Governor 2 years, former Ethics Commissioner, former Mayor, former City Councilwoman)
* Husband works in oil fields and is also a commercial fisherman
* Social Conservative with a Strong Pro-Life & Pro-Family record
* Fiscal Conservative
* Maverick Reformer (taking on corruption in both political parties)
* 80% approval rating in Alaska
* Strong and knowledgeable on oil and energy (active "drill here, drill now" proponent)
* Supporter of 2nd Amendment and lifetime member of the NRA
* Avid hunter, fisher and sportswoman
* Attractive (former runner-up in Miss Alaska contest)
* Intelligent
* Her state borders two countries: Canada and Russia (right across the Bering Strait - crucial in today's foreign policy climate)
* Can hold her own, politically (I can't wait for Joe Biden to do in the VP debate what he inevitably does - stick not just one but both feet into his mouth)

Perfectly played, McCain! Masterfully done!

Let the games begin.

P.S. *cough* I mentioned Palin as a great choice back on July 21.

UPDATE: The college kid who may have been responsible. And his website.

UPDATE #2: John over at RWN has a great post with excerpts from members of the Hillary Clinton Forum. They are flocking to McCain.

P.P.S. I cannot wait for the Biden v. Palin debate. That may be the under-card, but that debate will be THE showdown to watch with a large box o' popcorn.

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