Saturday, August 30, 2008

Schwarzenegger Out, Fred In!

With failing CA Governor AH-nold Schwarzenegger (I voted for McClintock in the special election four years ago) struggling in office to pass a state budget, he's staying put and will not be at the RNC Convention next week. In his place to give the prime time speech on Tuesday night is... Fred Thompson!


One RINO-squish gone; one True Conservative in the spotlight.

UPDATE: Looks like the RNC is cutting Day 1 (Monday) to just the essentials. No speeches or big hoopla. With Hurricane Gustav roaring up the Gulf, and six major speakers staying put to deal with any potential storm issues (FL-Gov Crist, AL-Gov Riley, MS-Gov Barbour, LA-Gov Jindal, TX-Gov Perry, plus Pres. Bush and VP Cheney also heading to the area).

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