Thursday, August 14, 2008

WalMart Follow-up...

Last month I posted my little soapbox rant about a door-to-door petition going around my neck of the woods regarding the potential arrival of a WalMart in town.

Well, last Friday's local newspaper had an article stating that the petitioners have garnered enough signatures to put the proposition on the November ballot. So I revisited my post, did a little editing and revising, and sent at as a "Letter to the Editor". After not seeing my letter posted by Wednesday morning, I thought that it wasn't going to get published.

Then I opened up TODAY'S paper. Not only did they publish my letter (practically verbatim), but they placed it above the fold as a commentary in the Op-Ed section with a full headline and byline! (Holy S***!)

Then, while I was in the bathroom shaving, I get a phone call this morning from a woman who read my letter in the paper and wanted to personally thank me for expressing the views which she also shared.

Yeah... I felt good this morning. But I ain't gonna let it go to my head.

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