Sunday, August 24, 2008

Is McCain About to Royally Screw Up His Chance?...

The following is the most recent McCain internet ad:

This concerns me. Why? Not because he's using Hillary's own words about The Obamessiah to great effect. It's because the ad starts out with the words: "She won millions of votes, but isn't on his ticket."

That may be a tip that on August 29 McCain is going to announce Romney as his running mate. If he doesn't, then Mccain's own ad opens himself up to the same attack. If he does pick Romney, then McCain will lose millions of voters that he's taking for granted. Millions of evangelicals, other Christians, and conservatives.

Including this Catholic conservative!

Romney is nothing but an overly slick Clintonesque politician. A New England/Massachusetts liberal in the general mold of Kennedy, Kerry, Tsongas, Dukakis, and Weld, who only "saw the light" about abortion and his new-found Pro Life stance after he decided to run for President two years ago. Add to that the whole mormon issue and, well......

McCain picks Romney. I vote write-in. And, to quote Rev. Wright, the country be damned if they're too stupid enough to trust either The Obamessiah or The McCainiac. I hope I'm wrong. But this ad is telling me I may be right. And McCain won't know what hit him until it's too late.

And, maybe, that'll cause a groundswell within the huge conservative base of the Republican party to be so outraged about being either fooled or taken advantage of that they'll seriously try to recruit a REAL conservative to run as an unaffiliated independent against BOTH of the major party's candidates -- kinda like a Ross Perot 2.0, but only sane... and with real conservative credentials.

Or, maybe, we could all vote "NO OF THE ABOVE" -- I'm sure it'll get over 50%. Is that enought "change" for you, Obamessiah? Is that "maverick" enough for you, McCainiac? *sigh*

August 29.

Your move, McCain.

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