Sunday, August 31, 2008

Re: Backlash to Pelosi's Foot-in-Mouth Syndrome...


I'm sure many of you are well aware of Nancy Pelosi putting her foot in her mouth a week or two ago on Meet The Press, when she claimed to be an "ardent, practicing Catholic" then went on to espouse deeply flawed and completely inaccurate historical Church theology to support her position on abortion. Add to that the Democratic VP candidate Joe Biden who is also Catholic, yet is also pro-abortion.

You all can find much better commentary throughout the web on the issue and the resultant backlash (Whispers in the Loggia, Fr. Z, West Coast Catholic, Jimmy Akin, Insight Scoop, First Things, Amy Welborn, Catholic Minority Report, among others - see my links in the left column). I've lost count on how many bishops have spoken out (sometimes quite forcefully, and with much clarity) about the absolute nonsense Pelosi claimed, the danger that it poses, and also laid out the unvarnished and clear truth about the Church's 2000-year position and teaching on this crucial issue on life.

The list of Bishops includes (from Fr. Z's site):

Archbishop Chaput and Bishop Conley of Denver
Cardinal Egan of New York (probably the strongest statement)
Archbishop Donald Weurl of Washington D.C.
Cardinal Justin Rigali of Philadelphia and Bishop William Lori of Bridgeport, CT on behalf of the USCCB (on USCCB homepage)
Bishop Sheridan of Colorado Springs
Bishop Zubik of Pittsburgh (on homepage)
Archbishop Neinstadt of St. Paul, MN (on homepage)
Archbishop Gomez and Bishop Contu of San Antonio, TX (on homepage)
Bishop Samuel Aquila of Fargo, ND
Bishop Farell of Dallas, TX
Bishop Murphy of Rockville Centre (Long Island)
Bishop Listecki of LaCrosse, WI NEW (added Aug 30)

Add to that Burke (now in Rome, formerly of St. Louis)

Seems B16's visit to the U.S. in April, and his "instruction" to the bishops, is starting to have an affect. For some, at least. SF Archbishop Niederauer (diocese that covers Pelosi's district) is supposedly issuing a statement on Sept. 5. (???) LA Cardinal Mahony hasn't said "boo". Neither has Wilmington, DE, Bishop Malooly (diocese that covers Biden's residence).

FYI: The Didache (DID-ah-KAY) is a brief and concise 16 chapter document on the norms and practices of the early Christian/Catholic Church and community. It's known as "The Doctorine of the 12 Apostles" and was written during the first century:

"For convenience the contents may be divided into three parts: the first is the "Two Ways", the Way of Life and the Way of Death; the second part is a rituale dealing with baptism, fasting, and Holy Communion; the third speaks of the ministry. Doctrinal teaching is presupposed, and none is imparted."

In Chapter 2 is this clear sentence, in Latin:

"You shall not murder a child by abortion nor kill that which is begotten."

Can't get any clearer than that. For even more detailed and voluminous clarity from early Church History on the issue, read this post.

UPDATED LIST of Bishop's who've spoken out against Pelosi (as of 9/5).

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