Thursday, August 05, 2004

Bias or Hypocrisy?

So... with the story breaking about the Swift Boat Veterans TV ad hitting the airwaves, and the book "Unfit for Command" soon to be released, one must ask these important questions:

1) If a veteran (just by virtue of being a veteran) is to be considered a hero above reproach and who's accounts of past military events are never to be questioned (such as Kerry's and McCain's)...... don't these Swift Boat veterans also deserve to be treated with the same honor and dignity, and have their own accounts be unquestioned?

2) If one says that because these Swift Boat vets are attacking Kerry, they are automatically discounted and discredited...... shouldn't Kerry also be discredited because of his repeated public statements (including testifying before congress) in which he attacked his fellow veterans in 'Nam?

3) If these events are ancient history that have no bearing on current political issues for this campaign...... shouldn't that also be the case for President Bush's National Guard service?

4) If not, then shouldn't this information be investigated at least as vigorously and as extensively as Bush's record (dental records, etc...)?

5) If this ad is the dirtiest of dirty political tricks...... do you feel the same way about the NAACP's ad against Bush in 2000 regarding the Texas dragging murder case? Or's ad comparing President Bush to Hitler? Or that blatantly manipulative and propagandist so-called documentary "Fahrenheit 911" by Michael Moore?

6) Shouldn't those people and their organizations also be verbally denounced, rejected and shunned by not just the media, but also by Kerry & Edwards, their campaign, the entire Democrat party... repeatedly?

7) What if these veterans are telling the truth (either in whole or in part)...... Shouldn't there be a proper investigation requiring full disclosure (including having Kerry release his military records) in order to determine the facts of the events in question (just as what was done with regard to President Bush's records)?

8) Wasn't the McCain-Feingold soft-money campaign finance reform bill supposed to clean-up and eliminate this type of third-party compaign ads? And why are most of these 527s funded from the left/liberal part of the political spectrum (most notably which is funded by ultra-liberal, multi-billionaire George Soros)?

9) George Soros? Aren't all billionaires "evil" conservatives?

Just some things to consider, especially since Kerry put his military service in the forefront at the DNC convention (remember the "reporting for duty" salute, etc.?), while continuing to dismiss the honorable service of National Guardsmen.

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