Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Has Kerry's Ship Sprung A Leak?

The blogosphere has been ablaze with excellent research, investigation, analysis and commentary about John Kerry’s exploits while in Vietnam (including links to articles from Boston Herald in '79, AP in '92, US News & World Report in 2000, Washington Post in '03, the Douglas Brinkley biography of Kerry, the O'Neill book Unfit For Command, the US Senate Records from a Kerry speech in '86, the Michael Kranish/Boston Globe situation, as well as sworn affidavits, comments, and coutercomments from various Swift Boat Vets).

The mainstream media is starting to dip it’s toes into this investigation (begrudgingly, I'm sure). But, if you want to get caught up to speed with what’s going on, you have to link to these places (you'll have to dig back a bit for early stuff, but the most relevant posts are within the past few weeks):

Hugh Hewitt
Captain’s Quarters
Power Line
Just One Minute
Belmont Club
Roger L. Simon
Little Green Footballs
Mudville Gazette
Swift Vets
Winter Soldier
Vietnam Veterans Against Kerry

This whole issue is important for two reasons:

1) Kerry decided to make his 4-month tour of duty the centerpiece of his campaign.

2) Kerry, the ultra left, and the media have made President Bush’s four years in the TANG an issue, claiming he went AWOL and asking for all of his records (including dental records). What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Meanwhile, what should be (and, during the final two months of this election cycle, will be) the focus of this election will be Kerry’s Senate record. The Washington Times has an excellent, balanced, detailed analysis of his voting record (he’s a far-left Ted Kennedy liberal... surprise, surprise). Hat-tip to RWN.

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