Sunday, August 22, 2004

Blogs: The "Must Reads" List (Catholic Blogs & Resources)

So you’re looking for some great Catholic blogs and Catholic Resources? Look no further!

Mark Shea – regularly applying the faith to daily issues.

Blogs for Lovers – Gerard Serafin is always plucking nuggets from the Saints and from Church History. His other site, Praise of Glory, is dense with information.

Dappled Things
– Fr. Jim Tucker ruminates here.

Elliot Bougis – going through his Catholic conversion here. He also sits in for Mark Shea when Mark is busy with projects.

Insight Scoop – the daily blog for Ingatius Press (great books can be found there).

Envoy Magazine – a great Catholic Apologetics resource (Patrick Madrid is Editor-in-Chief, and the incomparable Scott Hahn regularly contributes).

Looking for great resource information? Then check these four key sites: – everything you could ever ask for regarding the Catholic faith. On-line Catholic Encyclopedia, Bible, Church History, Doctorine, Catechism, Canon Law, etc...

Catholic Answers – self-explanatory.

Catholic Pages – when you just can’t get enough.

Catholic Exchange – by the time you finish with these four sites you should have enough to put you into a contemplative mode.

Looking for great books?

May I suggest anything by Scott Hahn (especially his “Rome Sweet Home”)

Also, Patrick Madrid (especially his “Pope Fiction” as well as his “Surprised by Truth” series)

Mark Shea (particularly his “Making Sense Out of Scripture”)

And, Kenneth Whitehead’s “One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic”

Finally, anything and everything by G.K Chesterton (the Apostle of Common Sense) and C.S. Lewis (a very “catholic” protestant).

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