Sunday, August 22, 2004

Blogs: The "Must Reads" List (War on Terror/Military)

Okay... so you want a one-stop shop list of blogs that regularly cover the War on Terror, Afghanistan, Iraq, Terrorism, the Military and National Security?

The Command Post - this place will just make your head spin. The word "comprehensive" just doesn't cover what this site does for you.

Little Green Footballs - on their own, they give Command Post a run for their money.

The Belmont Club - the one or two daily posts at this site forces you to think deeply.

Black Five - want a member of the military's point of view? Go here.

Mudville Gazette - is another one similar to Black Five.

MilBlogs - within Mudville Gazette is a listing of "milblogs" - blogs by other members of the military, many of which are serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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