Thursday, August 26, 2004

Further connection between Kerry & a 527

Hugh Hewitt has a great post to the Washington Post article regarding connections between a top 527 and Kerry's campaign:

The Washington Post is trying to help with a "blockbuster" front-pager which breaks the story that great lawyers have many clients. This Dana Milbank and Tom Edsall piece unleashes the news a that Bush-Cheney lawyer is also the lawyer for the Swift Boat vets. That's the headline. Look at the third paragraph:

"[Ginsburg] said two prominent Democratic lawyers are doing the same thing. He said Robert Bauer, the top legal counsel for the Kerry campaign, also is the attorney for an independent group, America Coming Together, that has been mobilizing voters in support of Kerry. In addition, Ginsberg said, Joseph Sandler is a lawyer for both the Democratic National Committee and for the independent group, which has run advertisements attacking Bush."

How this can be a page one piece is mystifying, but when the news that the country's top campaign lawyers represent both candidates and 527s becomes news, you know the Kerry cheering section in the newsrooms have become desperate. Especially when the report headlines that a Bush lawyer is doing something and doesn't note that Kerry lawyers are doing the very same thing.

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