Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The Depth & Breadth of the Global Terror Network.

Hugh Hewitt quotes the chilling article in the New Yorker magazine which examines with unnerving detail the depth and breadth of the global terror network. Meanwhile, 13 suspected terrorists are captured in London. The Indepundit has further information about not only the capture of these 13, but also information about two more captured in Pakistan.

This is not a situation where once we kill or capture Osama Bin Ladin we can then just dust off our hands and smuggly claim victory. This is going to be a long and difficult struggle, requiring many years of dogged determination by the U.S. leadership. And I trust the current administration with leadership on this front far more than I do the John/John jokers who "have a plan" but don't want to tell anybody about it.

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remital said...

What you say about Osama is pexactly right and painfully obvious, but the Michael Moore liberals categorically deny that the GWOT is approperiate. "I would go after the man who is responsible for 9/11" he says, IGNORING the fact that he's only a small part of our real problem.