Tuesday, August 24, 2004

EC:WC FCA - House of Sand & Fog, People I Know

Vic, the East Coast Critic recently viewed the following two DVDs:

House of Sand and Fog - It was depressing with no redeeming value. You think initially that all the characters will find a way to meld but it doesn’t happen. It just gets darker and darker. I give it 1-1/2 bottles of wine out of 5.

The other movie (with Al Pacino) was People I Know. It was pointless and depressing, as well. [I also give it] 1-1/2 bottles of wine.

The worst thing about these movies was that I watched them back to back. And it was miserable outside with overcast skies and torrential rain. Boy, talk about wanting to take the jump yourself. (phew) I don’t mind a dark movie, but I want to have something to hang onto in the end. HOPE! In any form. If you’re showing me sh*t flushing down a toilet, then I want to believe that it will help grow trees or feed microorganisms somewhere on the planet. I just don’t want to watch someone void for the “art” of it.

I, the WCC, have only seen House of Sand & Fog. It’s very depressing (almost in a Nick Cage's “Leaving Las Vegas” sort of way). I did find it an intriguing character study, though I had absolutely no sympathy for Jennifer Connelly’s character at all. But, there’s one line she gives (either in the movie, or in one of the outtakes on the DVD) that just sums her character up perfectly. Her cop friend says, “You’re a very complicated person.” And she responds, “I’m actually a very simple person. I just make things very complicated.” The character study lets me be a bit more forgiving. I give it 2-1/2 wine bottles out of 5. Just don't expect to come away feeling cheerful.

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