Monday, October 13, 2008

Abortion and the Presidency...


(In response to a comment on this post over at Creative Minority Report)

An ice cold dowsing of reality here.

The ONLY thing a President can do re: abortion (aside from implementing some minor executive orders) is put the right kind of judges on the U.S. Supreme Court and U.S. Federal Appeals Courts. And the only way to guarantee that they actually get on the Courts is to have enough U.S. Senators to vote for the nominee to be appointed to those Courts.

The only other thing that can be done on abortion is a Constitutional Amendment (just like the 13th Amendment which ended slavery after the Civil War). This would require either the approval of 38 states (three-fourths), or a two-thirds majority in both Houses of Congress. Both of these options do not require a President. They require the election of like-minded U.S. Congressmen & Senators, or like-minded State Assemblymen & Senators.


With McCain, we have a MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better chance of him appointing someone in the mold of Scalia, Alito, Roberts, Thomas, Rehnquist when someone like Stevens (age 87) and others currently on the Court are to be replaced.

So, ask yourself... "What are the chances that Obama would appoint those types of judges to those federal courts???"

Second question to ask yourself... "Why do I keep voting for pro-abortion candidates for state and federal legislative offices???"

UPDATED: I really like this guy:

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