Friday, October 17, 2008

So, who did write Obama's first autobiography?

Jack Cashill wrote an absolutely fascinating book (now available in paperback) called, "What's the Matter With California?". I just finished reading it last month, and I highly recommend it to those of you who are interested. I may post a review of this book sometime in the future.

Anyway... Cashill had written a post last week over at American Thinker on the curious similarities between The Obamessiah's first autobiography, "Dreams From My Father" and the writings of one unrepentant domestic terrorist and Barack associate, Bill Ayers. Today, Cashill goes into much further detail on the comparisons.

As he says towards the end of the long investigative article:
Obama's handlers have "constructed" his persona around his presumably superior intelligence. Bill Buckley's son Christopher, smitten by Obama's literary skills, is among those who have yielded to this imagery and joined the Obama crusade. Even if someone benign had ghostwritten the book it would present a problem for Obama.

The question is often asked why Obama associated with Ayers. The more appropriate question is why the powerful Ayers would associate with the then obscure Obama. Before Obama's ascendancy, it was Ayers who had the connections, the clout, and the street cred. Ayers could also write and write very well. By the mid-1990s he had had several of his books published. What Ayers could never do, however, was run for office on his own.

My suspicion is that Ayers saw the potential in Obama, and chose to mold it. The calculation in Dreams is palpable. Nothing about the book would deny a black Democrat the White House. If it were revealed that the ghostwriter is Ayers, it would suggest that Ayers has played a major role all along in the shaping of Barack Obama. It is unlikely that the McCain camp would have invested so much energy in establishing the Ayers-Obama link if they did not think this was the case.

At the end of the day, the observer is left with only two conclusions: either Barack Obama experienced a quantum surge in his writing skills almost overnight; or someone made a major contribution to the rewriting of his book.


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