Friday, October 24, 2008

The Obamessiah in his own words!!!

Via Gateway Pundit: The Obamessiah race-baiting and promoting socialism's redistribution of wealth... in his own words!!!


gkp said...

obvious hatchet edit job-- weak attempt to start a controversy. so ignorant, doesn't even understand the arguments that are included in the edited version that actually counters claims that this is racist against white people.

he argues for common ground between whites and black in the full clip; specifically, how the fate of the white person living in the suburbs is tied to the fate of the black kid in an underperforming urban school district.

and he says essentially that turmoil on africa CANNOT be blamed on white people, i.e., colonialism, and is instead a result of ethnic conflict, i.e., black on black repression, like that in bosnia and in gang-torn los angeles, i.e, black on black and brown on brown violence.

but, if the editing style is any indication, intellectual subtlety is clearly not a priority for the manufacturers of this desperate, faux controversy.

West Coast Catholic said...

gkp, do you have a link to this FULL CLIP?

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