Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bi-annual ArtWalk...

This past weekend was the bi-annual ArtWalk in downtown Ventura, and like I always do I took a few hours in the afternoon and walked around the area to check out the latest that the local artists from the region had to display.

Gretchen Anne Martin and her fiance do modeling and sculpture work in the toy industry, but Gretchen is also an accomplished sculptor. Although nothing is on display on-line, I had the opportunity to see a few pieces at her studio and was blown away by the unquestionable talent and her sharp eye for detail and beauty in classical busts and figuratives.

Elizabeth Cawelti is another artist who is stationed at the Bell Arts Factory. The following piece ("Silent" - 2005) is a fine example of her work:

Irena Jablonski had her installation - Human Adventure - on display at the Buenaventura Gallery. The following piece ("Sisters at a Doorway") is absolutely stunning in person:

Virginia Beale was also on display at the BVG, as was Christine Beirne. Below is an example of Virginia Beale's work ("Mountain Trail Sulpher Mt. Rd"):

Jim Martin had his large scale photographs on display at the Red Brick Gallery. Just click here to view all of his vibrant photographs. Davey Miller is a large-scale painter who does some abstracts in the vein of Jackson Pollock. One piece that was on display outside on Main Street was his "12-Foot Wave" piece that is mighty impressive:

Finally, I happened to meet up again with Gerardo Segimundo who is always smiling and laughing whenever you see him. I was totally shocked and stunned when Gerard said that he had a little something for me, and he pulled out a small, original watercolor from his dancers series and gave it to me as a gift for "always being so supportive" of his work and coming down to these ArtWalks. Below is an example of some of his work ("Symphonic Movement"):

What always drew me into his paintings was an intuitive sense of lyricism and melody. It wasn't until afterwards that I found this descriptive from his website's "Artist Statement":
There are moments when music carries you to a scenery that you visualize in your mind. There are moments when a painting subconsciously evokes a melody from your heart. As a visual artist and a pianist, I strive for viewers to experience music within my art, and for listeners to perceive art within my music- that's my aspiration.

Thank you, Gerry! I'm humbled and honored by your gesture, and I will cherish the gift.

Now, to get it framed!