Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Linkapaloosa - Election 2008 edition

The first link is to a story that has a former Obama, Edwards and Clinton speechwriter voting for... McCain! (hahahahahaha)

More news and commentary of the L.A. Times suppression of the Obama/Khalidi/Ayers video over at NRO (by Andrew McCarthy) and RWN. RWN also has further analysis here. Flopping Aces has an interesting tidbit towards the end of his post.

Ace has the money offer up to $175,000 (150k by one donor, another 25k by an anonymous donor). Ace thinks it's really up to 200k via his many readers kicking in. Then there's Newt offering 50k on Fox News. This doesn't even count the many individual donors who are offering to kick in. LGF has picked up on the whole investigation with a series of posts here, here, here and here.

Michelle Malkin has an article on the MSM tanking for The Obamessiah. But there is some good news that both CNN and ABC balked at the 30-minute InfObammerical media buy that was purchased on the cheap and aired at the exact same time earlier this evening. The One's campaign never bothered to ask Fox News. But it did air on CBS, NBC, MSNBC (no surprises there) and Fox (the primetime network, not the cable news division), as well as several smaller networks such as BET and Univision (again, no surprises there). And Fox chose to actually postpone the World Series game to accommodate The One. (?!?)

Then a little poll news. Not the normal poll stats (which I still don't trust, even though they are all suddenly swinging towards McCain these last two weeks). It's this one here that has Rasmussen showing that McCain (not The One) being more trusted on taxes and the economy. (heh heh heh)

And, finally, RedState finishes it's "Integrity Gap" series. Part I (on Palin) is here. Part II (on Obama) begins here. And Part III (on McCain) is now here.

Whew! Exhausting... but well worth the read!

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