Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A whole bunch of links for your perusal...

Hmmmm... where to start... where to start...

How about Stanley Kurtz' latest in his investigation into Obama's connections to the corrupt ACORN organization as well as his connections to the far-left radical socialist "New Party" in Chicago?

Then there are his affinity to Marxist political theory going back to his college years, and taken from his own words from his book.

Ace has a post that says that McCain is demanding that the L.A. Times release the video of Obama with Khalidi, Ayers, Dorhn. Ace is thinking of offering cash to anyone at the L.A. Times with a conscience (good luck with that one). LGF has a post on a reader who tried to get an answer from the L.A. Times on why they're withholding the video.

RWN has a nice little BINGO card for helping you to keep score of the Obama connections and rhetoric. Flopping Aces has another link to a funny editorial cartoon on the same subject.

If that's not enough news for the day, how about this... Colin Powell recently endorsed the Obamessiah, right. This is the same guy who went to the U.N. to claim that Iraq had WMDs - you know, the ones that the left repeated harped about not being there. And Powell is such an EXCELLENT judge of character, right? Hmmmmmm... maaaaaaaaybe not. Gee... did Powell recently vouch for the character and truthfulness of one convicted Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens (he of the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere" fame)???

And how exactly did Barack Obama become the senator of Illinois, anyway? (A little lesson in personal morality from CMR.)

And, finally, your have Gianna Jensen responding directly to The Obamessiah regarding his votes against the Baby Born Alive Act as well as his personally calling her a liar.:

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