Thursday, October 16, 2008

Meet Joe the Plumber!!!

Hot Air has the first video interview here.

The second interview video is here.

Then Joe Blowhard demonstrates, yet again, why he's so clueless:

McCain broadcasts his latest ad here, featuring Joe:

And McCain's second, longer and more personal ad on the issues is here:

Meanwhile, RedState has an very interesting anecdotal story which spills the beans on the Obama campaign's worries:
As she was explaining her perspective it dawned on her to ask why he (the Obama internal pollster) was interested in her view of Palin. He replied that Obama's campaign is extremely nervous about the energized republican base and what he called the "unkown factor" regarding Palin's draw as a candidate.

In the polls they're conducting around the country, and my boss wasn't able to relay specific numbers, the Obama campaign is very, very worried about how Palin appears to be energizing whole groups of people who don't typically get energized about politics, precisely because she appeals so strongly to the middle class, as well as women and dissatisfied republicans that stayed home in 2006.

More than that, they don't know how to guage [sic] and predict the support of people typically turned off by politics, but that are enamored with her "up from the bootstraps" appeal.

I say all of this because this pollster conveyed strong concern about their standing going into the homestretch. They are very concerned about winning the vote of the middle class and whole swaths of the electorate they consider the "unkowns." In fact, and based on her conversation with this internal pollster for Obama, he's not ahead in the polls as we're being told. He's at best tied.

I told you to ignore the polls. Heck, the latest Gallup poll (you know, the one that's least reliable because they don't weigh the party registration, and have been publishing "registered" voters instead of likely voters so late in the season) has come out with their latest poll that finally uses the traditional "likely voters" and is within the margin of error.

Then, you can read Baseball Crank's series on "The Integrity Gap". Part I (on Sarah Palin) is here. Part II (on Obama) is here - it's a long, multi-part series so just follow the links at the bottom of the first post. Part III (which I assume will be on McCain) is not yet posted.

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