Thursday, October 16, 2008

More ACORNS Fallin' Out of Trees...

Gateway Pundit has a post here and here on the ACORN mess. Gay Patriot has an updated post on the 14+ states that have ACORN voter registration fraud issues, with tons of links to each instance of fraud.

Powerline has a video clip of a news investigation in which the first 2100 ACORN voter "registrations" in Lake County, Indiana were ALL fraudulent.

Stanley Kurtz continues with two posts as his excellent investigation looks into the Obama/Ayers/Wright/ACORN connections. American Thinker has an article digging into the pile, as well.

Meanwhile, The Austalian News does a better job digging into the Obama/Ayers connection than the U.S. MSM (hat-tip Ace)

Just as a reminder, Obama wants ACORN and it's cohorts to help him shape his administration's agenda between election day and inauguration day:

Flopping Aces has a funny post about the potential Obama Cabinet.

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