Thursday, July 29, 2004

All Hail the Prince of Propaganda

Michael Moore was at his bombastically bloated best at the Democratic Presidential Convention this week. And they loved him (no surprise). Take a few Tums before reading the entire text of his speech. (Hat-tip to Hugh Hewitt)

I was almost certain that Howard Dean would’ve become their 2004 equivalent of Pat Buchanan (remember the '92 Republican Convention?). Well, the Kerry campaign was able to reign in Dean. So, Moore took the crown instead. All Hail Michael Moore - the Prince of Propaganda. He is the "Pat Buchanan of ’04." Come November 3rd, I’m sure many Democrats will bemoan this fact (if they aren’t doing so already).

Do us all a favor. Read this book. In fact, buy the book and give it to everyone you know who saw and believed that agitprop drivel called F911.

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