Monday, July 26, 2004

EC:WC FCA - The Station Agent

This is a WCC review:

This wonderful independent film (shot on Super-16mm) is like a slow moving freight train, riding the twin rails of loneliness and aloneness. It is NOT a depressing film, despite what my first sentence might lead you to believe. Quite the contrary, it delves into the lives of three individuals who (due to unique circumstances) are struggling with their current states of aloneness.

Finbar is a quiet gentleman. One of ill-suited stature in a one-size-fits-all-but-you world. The loss of his friend suddenly jolts his passive passion for trains into motion. In his new environment (a rundown train station in a Jersey backwater town), Fin is forced to interact with Joe - a lonely puppydog of a guy who's couped up in his ailing father's coffee truck (conveniently parked right outside Fin's new digs). Olivia (a regular customer of Joe's) is a recently separated wife and a struggling artist who's own disheveled loneliness was trust upon her by a tragic event.

All three of these people are isolated from the world, and not by choice. But, with Joe's incessant promptings, the three are forced to interact with each other and with others. And they all end up the better for it, though not without experiencing some necessary growing pains.

The film's pacing (via Fin's point of view) is both deliberate and contemplative. Any faster and you’d miss the nuances of each character’s personal cross in life. Any slower and the film would stop dead in it’s tracks. This film will have you laughing hysterically one moment, and take you to the verge of tears the next.

WCC-Trub gives this "little-film-that-could" 4 wine bottles out of 5. Maybe even 4-&-1/2.

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