Friday, July 30, 2004

EC:WC FCA - Kill Bill: Vol.1

This is a WCC review:

I admit that I had no interest in seeing this film when it hit the theaters. And I was reluctant to rent it when it came out on DVD. "Reservior Dogs" is waaaay overrated. "Pulp Fiction" was a unique and clever breakthough film, although it's extremely tough to handle in spots. "Jackie Brown" was cool, but underwhelming, and showed QT's hand that he might be stuck in a rut.

With "Kill Bill: Vol.1" he's just rehashing old tricks... and it's boring. It's a smorgasbord of film styles: green-tinted late-60s/early-70s B-flicks; martial arts B-flicks of the same era; Japanese anime; slasher horror movies of the 80s/90s; "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Matrix"-type highwire action sequences; the absurdly comical "Monty Python's Holy Grail" (though not intended to be comical); and the no-longer-oh-so-cool non-linear plot pointing.

It's got some moments, but Quentin is too full of himself to realize that he hasn't really done anything new and different. It's nothing more than sloppy stew leftovers.

2 wine bottles out of 5. Drink it only if you are a serious Tarantino devotee.

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