Thursday, July 29, 2004

French Fried Bananas

James Lileks has a daily blog that is well-respected and widely read. I’ve tried to “get into” his stuff, and it’s taken a while to properly absorb it. Maybe it’s the '50s throwback layout that (for some reason) is a bit off-putting. Well, I must say that yesterday’s entry here in response to his interactions with Regis Le Sommier (American Bureau Chief of Paris Match, a French magazine) at the Democratic Presidential Convention is without doubt an excellent example of some fine writing on the subject of French complicity and prevarication.

He provides a few links (which will link to more links) which must all be followed in order to fully grasp the totality of the background of Le Sommier, Paris Match magazine, and France’s perpetually soiled hands with regards to Iraq. Prepare to have your browser program ready for multiple tabs or windows. It’s a long read through all of the links, but well worth it!

When you’re done, I’d suggest you then go buy The French Betrayal of America by Kenneth Timmerman.

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