Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Another Update - Terrorism in Flight

Malkin continues her updates on the "Terror in the Skies" report here (Part 8). The related article which she references is found here.

It looks like they were a Syrian band that did play at the casino. Annie Jacobsen was on CNN last night, interviewed by Aaron Brown. She's still convinced that, although they may have been musicians, their behavior was too suspicious throughout that flight, and that it may still have been a dry run or a "probe." Given all of the information that's come out so far from many sources regarding this incident (as well as testimony from other airline employees regarding their own experiences over the last few years), I'm leaning towards that opinion as well. I urge everyone over these next several months to be cautious, diligent and observant (while remaining calm, cool and collected).

Update: Michelle has yet more information on this growing investigation. (Part 9) It appears that ALL 14 of the Syrian band musicians had expired visas! (*sigh*)

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