Monday, July 26, 2004

Political News of the Day

Hat-tip to for a great little link about President GWB. Nicely stated!

Also, Captain's Quarters (one of my regular reads) is in rare form today. They comment as well as link to the Teresa Heinz Kerry story where she gives a blanket statement about certain unnamed opponents being uncivil and un-American. Then she immediately denies what she said, and goes about being completely uncivil herself in her forceful denial (and all on video, too). Classic!

The Capt.Q also point to an article about the so-called "non-biased" reporting by the mainstream media outlets (ABC, NBC, CBS, NY Times, LA Times and Wash. Post) in regards to their coverage of the consummate liar, Joe Wilson. The evidence of their blatant bias is damning. But, of course, that ain't gonna change anything. Bernard Goldberg had it right in his book, "Bias." He paid a heavy price for admitting it, too. But, he's all the better for it.

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