Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I'm #50... I'm #50... I'm #50...

I'm all ablush. In a post by the Evangelical Outpost on the influence of Hugh Hewitt, this fledgling blog of mine was mentioned as the 50th Hewitt-inspired blog. Certainly didn't expect that. Thanx guys!!!

Partial Quote: "...After reading In, But Not Of I was emboldened to start a blog of my own. It didn’t take me long to find other bloggers who had been similarly encouraged so I created a tribute site, Hewitt Inspired Blogs, to recognize this community. With the addition of Arbiter of Common Sense, the site now lists fifty blogs that were started because of Hugh’s suggestion. A small platoon of bloggers labors away because of the influence of this one man. Imagine how we could impact our culture and the world if each of these fifty were to inspire others in kind.

Visit the HHI blog and scan the list. If you read or appreciate any of the blogs listed send Hugh a note of thanks. Without his impact and encouragement, the blogosphere would be a veritable Pottersville..."

Click the above link to read the full story!
And check out the HHI link in my sidebar for a full list of "The 50"----->
In fact, check out ALL those links in my sidebar. They all make for great reading.

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