Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Malkin marches onward...

Malkin has Post 12 here, in which it's discovered that Nour Mehana (the Syrian "Wayne Newton" who's the singer of the 14-piece band on NW Flight#327) has a song on his recent CD entitled "Mother of a Martyr" - a song consoling the mother of a Palestinian "martyr." She links to a report here that details the lyrics of the song.

Now, I'm a lyricist (or at least I was one for quite a number of years, hence my monicker). Although I am critical of bad literary works, lame/laze art and propagandist drivel, I'm sensitive to censorship issues - especially when brought forward by overly aggressive & wild-eyed, desk-pounding interpretors. A number of years ago I was gathering petition signatures behind Frank Zappa, who was doing a bang-up job metaphorically poking his guitar pick in the eyes of Al & Tipper Gore.

But, it gives one pause when you take the totality of this "Syrian casino band on Flight#327" story, and then find that one of their song lyrics praises the actions of suicide/homicide bombers. The song, in and of itself, doesn't mean anything. Heck, it's no secret that a large percentage of Middle Easterners would like to push Israel into the Mediterranean Sea. But, in this volatile era of war against terrorists & militant extremists, a heighten state of awareness may be warranted. Especially when 14 Syrian crooners with expired visas are acting strangely on a flight across America.

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