Friday, July 16, 2004

Brothers & Sisters Forever

I just received an unexpected package from my older brother, Ray (aka, Vic the East Coast Film Critic). At first, I thought it might've been a gag gift (heck, my birthday isn't for a couple months). But, sometimes siblings will do the pleasantly unexpected. So, I opened the package in anticipation.

Well, he must've read my July 11th post entitled "Fragrances & Memories"... because I'm staring, teary-eyed at an old 8x10 framed photograph of us five siblings... at the beach... Atlantic City... 1965. I'm not quite 2-years-old in the pic (with proof, I tell yah, proof that I once had blonde hair). I'm surrounded by my four brothers & sisters; all of us in bathing suits, dripping wet, tanned & smiling... sitting on that infamous inflatable raft at the edge of the Atlantic.

THANX, RAY! I needed that.

EERIE UPDATE: My "Fragrances & Memories" entry was dated July 11th. But, my brother's package was postmarked July 6th! That is just freakin' me out.


grinner said...

better call Fox and Dana...

Trubador said...

This is a case that even Mulder & Scully won't be able to solve, "g"! (hah-hah) And, you just made another freaky coincidence. Dana is my brother, Ray's, daughter's name (she's also my Godchild). Queue the "Twilight Zone" theme.